Who is the “shining star” in your area? Give them the honor they deserve!

The AP Star Award was created to express appreciation by recognizing the accomplishments of administrative professional (AP) employees who have demonstrated outstanding individual performance at CSU. The goal is to recognize AP’s who make a difference and “shine” in our CSU community. And anyone can nominate an AP employee for this award!

Selection criteria

  1. An AP Star demonstrates willingness to go above and beyond in their work within their department, in collaboration with other units and/or the campus community
  2. An AP Star utilizes resources in a more effective manner (doing “more with less”)
  3. An AP Star contributes to the CSU administrative professionals on campus
  4. An AP Star recognizes and honors the importance of work-life balance and supports it in themselves as well as their area, department and the University

Administrative Professionals are eligible for the AP Star Award at any time in their employment, so long as the nomination reflects the responsibilities of the professional’s current, not former, position. Please note, Award Committee members are not eligible for nomination. Please see the list of members at: http://ap.colostate.edu/apc-committees/index.html. If you have nominated an administrative professional who in the past was not selected as an AP Star, you are encouraged to re-nominate that individual. A past recipient of the AP Star award is not eligible to receive another award for two (2) years after their previous award.

Nominations have closed for the 2017 AP Stars Award. Recipients will be announced at the Administrative Professional Council luncheon in spring 2017.

For questions regarding the nomination process, please send an email to:

View Past AP Stars Award Recipients