The Administrative Professional Council has several standing committees where the work of the APC is accomplished. Membership of the standing committees is not restricted to APC members (except for the Executive Committee) and APs interested in joining a committee should contact the current Vice Chair of APC for more information.

The Executive Committee shall accept items of business to bring before APC, determine the appropriateness of items of business to be brought before APC, and act for APC between regular meetings. It shall inform APC at the next scheduled meeting of actions taken on APC’s behalf between meetings. The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and immediate Past Chair (as ex-officio, nonvoting). Members of the Executive Committee may not serve as Chair or Vice Chair on any other standing or ad hoc committee, except the Treasurer shall serve as Chair of the Budget Committee.

  1. Vacant – Chair
  2. Matt Klein – Vice Chair
  3. Justin Schwendeman-Curtis – Secretary
  4. Trish Torrez – Treasurer

The AP Advocacy Committee works within the APC and with other units on campus (such as Human Resources and the President’s Commission on Culture) to advocate for equity and consistent employee evaluations, onboarding best practices, and exit interviews. This committee will also work with the climate survey data to recommend areas where APC can advocate for an equitable AP experience. 

  1. Julie Paolucci, Chair
  2. Susan Becker
  3. Meg Skeehan
  4. Nate Troop

The Recognition Committee is responsible for suggesting and reviewing awards for Administrative Professionals and for overseeing the management of awards approved by the APC. This committee is also responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing the annual AP appreciation event. This includes working with the Communications Committee to publicize this event. 

  1. Christie Mathews, Co-Chair
  2. Kelsey Bustos, Co-Chair
  3. Joe Collins
  4. Amy Kuehl
  5. Emily LeBlanc
  6. Ashley Mehaffie
  7. Sarah Schwister

The Communications Committee is responsible for recommending platforms to APC for use in compiling and disseminating information about APC to various audiences. The Communications Committee shall study and make recommendations on methods of dissemination appropriate for different types of information. 

  1. Dennis Anderson, Co-Chair
  2. Karin Bright, Co-Chair
  3. Hosam Ahmad
  4. Amanda Friar
  5. Brittany Runyan
  6. Justin Schwendeman-Curtis

The Equity and Social Justice Committee examines structures and processes within the APC and the APC standing committees to identify shifts that can be made to be more inclusive, providing more diverse voices to be heard and therefore allowing APC to more fully represent the AP employees across campus. This committee also works with the other employee councils (Faculty and State Classified) to help advance larger impact equity goals on campus. 

  1. Rezwan Parvez, Co-Chair
  2. Alexandra Stanke, Co-Chair
  3. Jacquelyn Archuleta
  4. Brett Beal
  5. Shaun Case
  6. Rickey Frierson

The Membership Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations for and the election of membership to APC as well as the nomination and election of officers. The election procedure is outlined in Article VI of the Constitution. 

  1. Heather Blair, Co-Chair
  2. Ross Madden, Co-Chair
  3. Kathy Kioussopoulos
  4. Theresa Todd
  5. Trish Torrez

The Policies & Procedures Committee considers policies and procedures that affect administrative professionals and make recommendations to APC. It reviews current APC policies and procedures at least once each academic year to ensure APC is adhering to its APC Manual of Rules and Procedures. This committee offers and considers recommendations for modifications to the APC Constitution and the APC Manual of Rules and Procedures. 

  1. Kacy Paul, Co-Chair
  2. Danielle Keller, Co-Chair
  3. Megan Boone
  4. Joanna Holliday

The Service & Engagement Committee works to help connect the APC and APs across campus with service opportunities throughout the year. This committee is also responsible for coordinating efforts for the APC to engage with our constituents at various University-wide events and providing recommendations for new service and engagement opportunities for review and implementation. 

  1. Jason Scott, Co-Chair
  2. Katie Wimp, Co-Chair
  3. Beth Niebaum
  4. Thomas Peppard