APC Members on University Committees, Councils & Panels (2017-2018)

Budget Area Review Committees (BARC)

  1. College BARC: CoSFP (Toni-Lee Viney)
  2. Provost/Undergraduate Affairs/International BARC: (Chad Hoseth )
  3. President’s Office/Public Safety/Diversity BARC: (Ria Vigil)
  4. Enrollment & Access/Student Affairs/ASCSU BARC: (Matt Klein )
  5. Research/Graduate Affairs BARC: (Ann Bohn-Small)
  6. Advancement/External Relations/Engagement BARC: (Melanie Calderwood)
  7. IT/Facilities/University Operations BARC: (Farrah Bustamante)
  8. Athletics BARC: (Toni-Lee Viney)

Campus Bicycle Advisory Committee

  • Dave Mornes
  • Steven Dove

Campus Climate Committee (rep needed)

Campus Safety Advisory Committee

  • Jessie Stewart

Childcare Taskforce

  • Alex Carter

Classified Personnel Council – APC Representative to CPC

  • Karl Bendix

Classified Personnel Council – Leave Sharing Committee

  • Confidential

Commission on Women and Gender Equity

  • Caitlin Kotnik

Commitment to Campus Advisory Committee

  • Matt Klein

 Eddy/Kuder Scholarship Selection Committee

  • Courtney Butler

Employee Appreciation Board

  • Barb Gustison

Emergency Hardship Load Fund Committee

  • Confidential

 Faculty Council – APC Representative to FC

  • Shannon Wagner

 Faculty Council Committee on Strategic & Financial Planning

  • Shannon Wagner

Food Insecurities/Employee Needs Committee

  • Bailey Dunn

Grievance Panel (a pool of 21 APs who serve for 3-year terms)

Housing Solutions Task Force

  • Toni-Lee Viney

Multicultural Staff & Faculty Network

  • Deborah Young

New Stadium Game Day Experience

  • Zach Campain

Parking Appeals Committee

  • Kay Gallatin
  • Anita Pattison

Parking Services Committee

  • Roseanna Bateman
  • Dan Banuelos

Period Products Task Force

  • Catherine Douras

Physical Development Committee

  • Edit Szalai

President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

  • Keely Mendicino

President’s Sustainability Committee

  • Rick Novak

Strategic Plan Area Review Committees (SPARC)

  1. Diversity (Dan Banuelos)
  2. Faculty & Staff Development (Anita Pattison)
  3. Infrastructure & IT (Toni Lee Viney)
  4. Outreach & Engagement (Chris Mullen)
  5. Research & Discovery (Mary Atella)
  6. Teaching & Learning (Kelley Brundage)
  7. Access (Erin Mercurio)

Talent Management/People Admin Performance Management Module Ad Hoc

  • Lynn Borngrebe

University Benefits Committee (4 members)

  1. Lynn Borngrebe
  2. Jennifer Bissell
  3. Scott Woods
  4. Alison Dineen

University Mediators

  • Tracy Webb
  • Katya Stewart-Sweeney
  • Melissa Emerson

 University Sexual Harassment Panel (10 AP’s who serve for 3-year terms)

Additional Temporary/One-Time Committees

Catastrophic Leave Policy Committee

  • Melissa Emerson

Ad-Hoc Committees:

APC Experience Resources Committee

  1. Janella Mildrexler
  2. Trevor Eyden

University Benefits Committee: Medical Retiree Sub-Committee

Talent Management/People Admin Performance Management Module Ad Hoc

  1. Lynn Borngrebe

Principles of Community Statement

  1. Deborah Young