Current (2018/2019) APC Members

Executive Committee

Vice Chair: Catherine Douras
Treasurer:  Jessica Hunter
Secretary: Tori Anderson

Area 1 Representatives

CSU System; President’s Office; VP for External Relations; VP for Diversity; Athletics; Public Safety and General Counsel

 Brandon Bailey

Area 2 Representatives

Provost & Executive Vice President; VP for Faculty Affairs; VP for International Affairs; VP for Undergraduate Affairs; VP for Information Technology/Dean of Libraries; VP for Enrollment and Access and Dean of Graduate Studies

Area 3 Representatives

VP for University Operations

Area 4 Representatives

VP for Advancement

Area 5 Representatives

VP for Research
JJ Nelson

Area 6 Representatives

VP for Student Affairs

Area 7 Representatives

College of Agricultural Sciences & Agricultural Experiment Station
Tamla Blunt

Area 8 Representatives

College of Health and Human Sciences

Area 9 Representatives

College of Liberal Arts
 Shannon Dale

Area 10 Representatives

College of Business
 Christine Hooks

Area 11 Representatives

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

 Brett Beal

Area 12 Representatives

Warner College of Natural Resources & Colorado State Forest Service

 Ashlee Clarke

Area 13 Representatives

College of Natural Sciences
Kacy Paul
 Donna Merwarth

Area 14 Representatives

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Area 15 Representatives

VP for Engagement

At Large Members

Shared Governance Designees to APC

 Jim Abraham (Classified Personnel Council Rep)
 Leah Bosch (CPC Alternate)
 Tim Gallagher (Faculty Council Rep)

Ex-Officio Members to APC

generic_avatar Bob (Robert) Schur (Office of Policy & Compliance)
 Diana Prieto (Human Resources)
 Pam Jackson (External Relations)

APC Membership Term Rules

The term of office for a member on the APC shall be three years and no member may be elected for more than two full terms of three years each in succession or serve more than eight successive years by a combination of election and appointment with the exception of the Chair and Vice Chair as members at large. To ensure continuity, up to one-third of the elected members shall face election or reelection each year.