Executive Committee

Catherine Douras – Chair

Tori Anderson – Vice Chair

 Justin Schwendeman – Secretary 

Sarah Olson –  Treasurer 

Area Representatives

Area 1

CSU System; President’s Office; VP for External Relations; VP of University Communications; Athletics; Public Safety and General Counsel 

Brandon Bailey 

Matt Klein 

Megan Boone 

Area 2

Provost & Executive Vice President; VP for Faculty Affairs; VP for International Affairs; VP for Undergraduate Affairs; VP for Information Technology/Dean of Libraries; VP for Enrollment and Access and Dean of Graduate Studies 

Shannon Boepple

Sarah Olson 

Trish Torrez 

Area 3

VP for University Operations 

Aaron Buckley 

Farrah Bustamante

Area 4

VP for Advancement 

Ashley Meyer

Tanara Landor

Area 5

VP for Research 

Claire Chance

JJ Nelson

Area 6

VP for Student Affairs 

 Jason Scott

 Justin Schwendeman

Shana Ryken

Area 7

College of Agricultural Sciences & Agricultural Experiment Station

Kirsten Slaughter-Rice

Sally Jones-Diamond

Area 8

College of Health and Human Sciences

 Katie Ditter

Susan Becker

Area 9

College of Liberal Arts 

Bruce Shields

 Sarah Blessinger

Area 10

College of Business 

Christine Hooks

 Shawn Utecht

Area 11

Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering 

Brett Beal

Nick Stratton

Shaun Case

Area 12

Warner College of Natural Resources & Colorado State Forest Service

Ashlee Clarke

Chris Dorich

Dawson Metcalf

Dennis Anderson

Ed Kluender

Rickey Frierson

Area 13

College of Natural Sciences

Kacy Paul

 Ross Madden

Area 14

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 

Collette Hageman

Kelsey Bustos 

Michael Lang

Area 15

VP for Engagement 

Amy Quinn-Sparks

 Danielle Keller

Yvonne Bridgeman

Shared Governance Designees

 Anselma Lopez – Classified Personnel Council

Leah Bosch Classified Personnel Council Alternate

 Sue DoeFaculty Council 

Ex-Officio Members

 Bob Schur – Office of Policy & Compliance

Robyn FergusHuman Resources

Pam JacksonExternal Relationship