Adam-Jon Aparicio

Senior Coordinator for Diversity and Outreach Services

Adam-Jon is the coordinator for Diversity and Outreach Programs at CSUHN Counseling Services, a role he has expanded significantly since his arrival. Adam-Jon is someone who leads with both word and action, modeling inclusivity, integrity, respect, service, and social justice in all of his interactions. He serves as a liaison between CSUHN and SDPS offices, he is the direct liaison between CSUHN and El Centro, he is the coordinator of all the individual liaisons between CSUHN and the SDPS offices (for which he’s helped grow programming we provide for each of the offices), he volunteers his time with Dreamer’s United to support DACA and other undocumented students, he helped co-found the multicultural counseling team at CSUHN, he’s built dedicated on call hours specifically for marginalized students, and he’s a leader in our monthly diversity dialogue meetings we hold. While many of our services were initially put on hold to adapt to going remote, he quickly pivoted various meetings we held and presentations to reach students and staff through new avenues we never explored previously. He had helped start a group for queer and Bisexual men that quickly transitioned to a zoom meeting, but he went further to also add a monthly video podcast that provides helpful discussion and information exploring intersectionality between queer and bisexual identities with others. Adam-John displays it means to truly be an advocate for social justice, with a commitment to lifelong action that goes far beyond words.

Michael Brake

Associate Director for Assessment and Technology

Mike was nominated for the DAPA based on his expertise and respect as the go-to individual for technology student success work. His calm demeanor, prioritization skills, and ability to articulate the complexity of his work to multiple constituencies is a driving force that impacts student success. Mike secures funding with oversight of the technology and assessment budget for Student Achievement and the technology fees for undeclared students. He takes the time to understand a student staff member’s career goals and interests and then assigns projects that helps the student learn and grow as well as responding to the needs of Student Achievement. Mike integrates instruction and training components into everything his does, whether it is working individually with a staff member, working with his staff, and working across the university. He is considered a university wide expert on operational data storage, transferring information between systems, and MS Microsoft Teams. Resulting from his comprehensive knowledge of university technology systems and his strong relationships across campus he has been able to accomplish cutting edge innovations such as utilizing Canvas in a new way as an Orientation platform. Also, Mike has shown time and time again his willingness to be a champion for inclusion. He has an amazing ability to recognize inherit privilege and works to create an equal environment for those without that privilege. CSU is lucky to have such a great contributor, Mike lives and breathes the principles of community.

Beverly Earley

Public Health and Risk Manager Immunizations and Allergy

Beverly has served at the CSU Health Network (CSUHN) since 2012, initially as the Immunizations Clinic Supervisor, and later promoted to Public Health and Risk Manager. Bev oversees multiple areas of operation, including Accreditation, Quality Improvement, Risk Management, Communicable Disease Response, Tuberculosis Program, Employee Health, Immunizations, Allergy; Asthma Clinic, Safety, and Infection Control. In these many roles, Bev has excelled in areas of Leadership and Mentoring, Operational Efficiency, and Innovation, while exemplifying and promoting the Principles of Community every day. Although humble and unassuming, she easily takes charge of any situation when needed, and is respected for her depth of knowledge, thorough research of any given situation, attention to detail, and adherence to rigorous quality standards. Bev really is a ‘quiet hero’ in the clinic! She researches, collaborates, and goes the extra mile to ensure efficiency through best practice. Bev models inclusion, personal integrity, and accountability every day in the clinic. Over all, there are not enough words to adequately express all that Beverly contributes to CSU.

Steve Johnson

Lab Support Engineer

In addition to performing his job in the Mechanical Engineering Department at an exemplary level, Steve demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to our university community and the public. He not only assists in securing funding for engineering labs, but also designs and builds equipment for the lab for pennies on the dollar. He provides exceptional support to students and staff using his guiding principle of ‘err on the side of action and access.’ Outside the university, Steve supports the Windsor HS Robotics Team, the Greeley Northridge HS STEM Club, the Poudre HS Technology teacher, and recruits under-represented students from the Denver Metro area and provides these same populations hiring opportunities through his mentorship. Steve makes a significant difference at our university every day, exemplifies the mission of the university, and positively impacts the people of our state through his knowledge and willingness to help others.

Katie Risheill

Associate Registrar for Academic Services

As an Associate Registrar, Katie frequently promotes and spearheads ideas for operational efficiency, leads and mentors her staff, and creates innovative solutions for the office and university community. One of Katie’s biggest accomplishments was implementing the electronic Graduation Contract process, replacing hours of work to print, multiple cases of paper, time to send back and forth to advisors, scanning back in, and manually keying data.  This forward-thinking change positively impacted all academic departments and made it transparent to students via RAMweb. In addition, Katie implemented three ideas this year to improve virtual communications – she oversaw adding a Live Chat feature that helped reduce email volume, had the idea to create a virtual consult room system using Zoom, and lead the project to implement Teams Phones for their call center, ensuring that students received the same or better level of customer service during the pandemic.