Frank Argumedo

Coordinator for Student Engagement / Advisor for the Residential Leadership Programs-University Housing

“Consistency is better than perfection” encompasses the way that Frank provides leadership as the Coordinator for Student Engagement in University Housing…Frank has provided oversight of the restructure of Residential Leadership program… Frank has helped to increase the prevalence of student voices on campus through collaborative efforts, including trainings, participating in committees, resource sharing, and programming. In the time I have known Frank, he has role modeled exemplary character, consistency, and authentic leadership as he has helped to empower, equip, and motivate others around him. He has consistently gone above and beyond expectations to do all the behind-the-scenes tasks with much positivity and care”


Nikki Foxley

Academic Success Coordinator III-Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

“As an Academic Success Coordinator in the Department of Ecosystem Science (ESS) since … 2011, Nikki has played multiple roles that far exceed the responsibilities of a professional staff member supporting only undergraduate advising and student success. …She has served as the department’s administrative assistant, acted as the primary contact for graduated admissions advising, and engaged in web design and development to support department communication strategies…..Nikki (is) genuinely student-centered and passionate about connecting students to opportunities in sustainability and environmental science.”


Aaron Darnell

Assistant Director of IT – Systems and Applications; College of Health and Human Sciences – Dean’s Office

“The work Aaron does as Assistant Director of IT for Systems and Applications directly supports work-life integration on campus by architecting and supporting the technologies that enable users in the college to work a more flexible lifestyle, whether from home, on the road, or in the office. … Beyond the technical, Aaron contributes to a work environment that promotes work-life balance…When Aaron is at work, his focus is more than just getting the job done. He shows a genuine interest in those around him and takes time to talk… His dedication and abilities in… process capture his typical ways of interacting and working with people: kind, patient, really smart, amazing capacity to listen well and problem solve, always available and responsive, fun to work with, overall, a make-good-things-happen kind of person”. 


Marcie Johnston

Director of Operations, Women’s Basketball- Athletics

“Marcie is an unspoken glue that holds things together for Athletics. Her experience over 26 years working with administration, coaches and student-athletes is invaluable – her ability to connect with others and her collaboration continually promotes the well-being of everyone around her and is a model for CSU…. Not only does Marcie go out of her way to welcome new staff, she does the same for new student-athletes. She is present, consistent, and shows support by connecting with student athletes… Marcie ensures that these student-athletes are set up for success from the time they initially arrive to campus until graduation including organizing their on-campus housing, food security, and familiarity with campus”.


Scot Greenidge

Developer; Student Information Systems – Division of Information Technology

“Scot is a behind-the-scenes hero. People don’t think about computer systems until they stop working for them. If you’ve ever been in a position where (systems) have errored, Scot is likely the one we called to quickly investigate the issue and implement fixes that allow the rest of us to start doing our jobs again. Often, Scot shifts to working after business hours to implement a fix or enhancement that allows the rest of us to work uninterrupted and more efficiently.  …Scot collaborates with his teammates in his department to find answers even when he isn’t the primary person assigned to a project. Scot truly wants CSU to be successful and provide excellent service and he helps make that happen every day.”


BeitAni H. Gorski

Counseling Services Therapist- Health Network

“Beit is a source of unending compassion, inspiration, and advocacy for these communities since xe joined CSU. Xe has significantly expanded services for queer and trans students/staff, provided trainings within and outside of the CSU Health Network (CSUHN), and offered mentoring to various queer and trans/nonbinary trainees that work at CSUHN. Beit is an incredible teacher and currently co-facilitates our monthly counseling staff Diversity Dialogues meetings. Xe can teach complex topics in approachable ways that still emphasize nuance, humor, and compassion.”


Danielle Ardrey

Conservation and Youth Education Specialist- Colorado State Forest Service

“Danielle administers the Project Learning Tree (PLT) program in Colorado, coordinates and attends outreach events… Danielle uses her skills and knowledge to provide educational opportunities to other Administrative Professionals in her division and CSFS. She often offers PLT workshops at no charge to CSFS staff so they can learn how to educate youth and adults about trees and forests. Danielle also champions PLT’s Forest Literacy Framework to help staff within and outside the CSFS better understand and communicate about forests and trees…She is always there for foresters and others at the CSFS … Simply put, she is the trusted leader for outreach and environmental education for the CSFS.”


Jenna Allen

Communications Director -Libraries

“Jenna currently co leads a community of practice for people who are involved in running events on campus. This group of 20 is a place for professionals to build community, learn from each other and support the work being done across campus…. at the Libraries, Jenna is highly sought after for operational and strategic task forces. Not only is she a highly productive contributor, she is always looking for how to improve our processes to get closer to the ideal end goal.”