Award Winners

Lari Bangert
“Since my arrival, Lari has been outstanding to work with as we move forward with numerous changes
to the department.  In assessing our philosophies, processes, and approaches, Lari has been open to
new ideas, respective of traditions, and an excellent collaborator.”

Kristi Bohlender
“It is very apparent for anyone working with Kristi Bohlender that she loves Colorado State University
whole-heartedly.  She continues to improve Colorado State daily and is invested in making it better
with every effort she has.  Not only is she an invaluable asset to the university, but she is invaluable to
those around her.  Her energy is contagious.”

Mary Christensen
“She works tirelessly to encourage student success – both academic and career.  Mary’s excellent skills
in listening and communicating make her a great mediator and team builder.  She has great energy,
intellectual curiosity, and an exceptional work ethic.”

JoAnn Cornell
“…she helped organize an event to help connect AP’S to State Classified personnel by having them
come together at an Ice Cream Social.  There was a huge turnout where we were able to say thanks to
some of the facilities people who clean the building and area we work in.”
Her humble desire to serve those around her is one of the things that make her such a great colleague
and leader.  She is a tireless advocate for CSU in so many ways.

Gaye DiGregorio
“Gaye is always positive, always open to taking on new challenges, always willing to consider change,
and always an advocate for her colleagues and staff.”

Frank P. Johnson
“Frank motivates people to learn and grow, is supportive in all their endeavors – whether work related
or personal, continuously encourages professional growth and continuing education, and always shows
his appreciation for a job well done.”

Susan Meyer
“Every one of us that works for her knows that students come first in all of our decisions, in our
workloads, in our processes.  If it’s not working for the students, we change it.”

Ann Randall
“Ann truly cares for our employees.  She tries to do all she can to support them in their daily work and
their professional goals.”  As the Professional Development Coordinator for CSFS, Ann Randall has
taken on not only her normal responsibilities but a multitude of others, including Human Resources.
She has done this with respect, professionalism, and confidentiality.  Ann truly cares for the agency and
the employees and tries to do all she can to support them in their daily work and professional goals.

Becky Rivoire
“During her many years of distinguished service to the University, Becky has selflessly offered her
expertise, guidance, and assistance to those around her, even at the expense of extending her already
full workload.”

Evelyn Swiss
“Her calming demeanor has helped a staff that has needed to adjust to rapid change, progress by
keeping us unified as acting as the “glue” of our group.  She will take on additional duties to spare the
stress level of others around her and will offer additional help (both tangible and emotional) even if
she is at capacity.”

Ruth Willson
“She has been great over the past several years at sending us – that is those of us in Extension campus
and off – updates on decisions and issues that affect us and/or that we may be interested in learning
about.”  As we get updates from Ruth, it makes me and hopefully others around the state feel more

Tyler Wilson
“He has worked tirelessly, for example, with the Research Integrity & Compliance Office staff to help
design a mechanism to improve the access to and organization of research compliance data.  APs that
he works with have commented that he is always quick to answer “help‐desk” emails, and provides
accurate and helpful responses.”

Elizabeth Terry
“As an advisor, Elizabeth takes to heart the idea of being a solid resource for students and is always
involved in meeting people for offices around campus and utilizing that knowledge to provide referrals
or resources to help students succeed.”

Judy Brobst
“With limited resources and the cliché of doing more with less, Judy is a tireless trooper that
exemplifies what it means to be creative with resources and effectively work in collaboration around