Award Winners

Jill Salahub
Department of Engish
Editor/Programmer for Writing@CSU, one of the largest online writing websites in the world
Helps faculty members move toward paperless classrooms
Provides professional development for faculty and peers

Renee Welch
The Career Center
Her dedication and persistence stand out and impact student services
Connects students from freshmen to senior year with Career Center services
Relationship builder across campus
Made suggestions on office efficiency, time utilization and improving work/life balance

Deidra Church
CSU Athletics
Deidra is the ideal “team player”
Willing to give of herself to ensure the success of CSU Athletics
Under her direction, Junior Ram Club has had a 210% increase in membership in 2009-2010

Rick Curtis
Colorado State Forest Service
Covered the workload of two additional positions while they were vacant
Led the effort to revamp the Forest Service budget planning process
He is the E-thority expert for the agency

Sheila Ferguson
Little Shop of Physics
She possesses an incandescent smile
Garage Sale Goddess who can stretch LSOP budget
Gets her husband to work for us for FREE!
Organizes and coordinates LSOP open house every year

Travis Ganter
Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands
Travis has always done more with less
Taken on a big project to create a GIS map which has photographic representation of the timber stands in Fort Drum
Mentor to new RAs
He NEVER produces a substandard product.

Melissa Landon
Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Inspiration to others at CNHP and to AP community on campus
Excellent manager who has worked hard to pull together a cohesive team
Collaborator with on– and off– campus groups
Manages Colorado’s only comprehensive database of natural heritage resources—attention to detail is evident!

Julie Orwick
Warner College of Natural Resources
Stabilizing factor in the college (4 different deans/interim deans in 4 years).
Promotes a high level of accountability
Makes your priority her priority
Collaborative work style minimizes stress.