Award Winners

Dr. Abdel Berrada
Senior Research Scientist & Manager
Southwestern Colorado Research Center, College of Agriculture Sciences
Dr. Abdel Berrada has gone above and beyond in his collaborative work within the CSU Agricultural Experiment Station, CSU Extension and the CSU faculty in his guidance and logistical support to graduate students at CSU. Despite limited resources, Dr. Berrada and his staff achieved a great deal in meeting the needs of clientele for research-based information, by managing the Research Center efficiently, and through building trust as well as partnerships. Dr. Berrada has attracted over one million dollars to the center through competitive grants and generates $40,000 to $80,000 in crop income for the Southwestern Colorado Research Center’s operating budget. Since joining CSU, Dr. Berrada organized over 55 field days, workshops and advisory committee meetings and has presented at 171 local, regional and national events. He works closely with local and regional extension and with the Research Center’s advisory committee to organize events. In addition to doing research and outreach, Dr. Berrada manages the Research Center’s staff and facilities, and assists with all aspects of farm operations such as tillage, irrigation, planting and harvest. He has devoted countless hours to community service. Dr. Berrada’s colleagues say that he believes in giving back to the community, he reinforces the positive image CSU enjoys in SW Colorado, and he is a hard worker with great integrity.
Kay L. Gallatin
Manager of Business Operations for ARBL/ERL/ETRC
Biomedical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Kay Gallatin serves as the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory (ARBL) and Equine Reproduction Laboratory (ERL) Business Manager and manages general facilities projects, accounts and human resource records for the Equine Science program at CSU. Fire destroyed the ERL main office and facility in 2011 and Kay added to her responsibilities by serving as the point person for insurance claims, rebuild management, and for the recovery of client records. Kay proved herself to be the go-to person for all matters relating to the rebuild: working with CSU Office of General Counsel, assisting with client communication, working with insurance adjustors, assisting with ERL events, attending weekly construction meetings, reviewing all equipment loss and replacement needs, and preparing additional financial reports on the impact of the fire on clinical incomes and research. Her colleagues state that Kay’s proactive approach to this very complex situation and her contributions to seeing a new building come to fruition were exemplary and her initiative and drive in the rebuilding effort were invaluable.
Erin Hammersley
Academic Coordinator
Student-Athlete Support Services
Erin Hammersley works as an Academic Coordinator in Student-Athlete Support Services and provides guidance and support for the student athletes from the sports of Men’s Basketball, Women’s Swimming and Diving, Women’s Tennis , the remaining students from Water Polo and any other student-athlete that needs her help. Erin consistently provides quality support to all of these student athletes with enthusiasm, sincerity and the ability to develop trusting relationships. Erin is committed to her student’s success and conducts weekly meetings with the staff and has implemented systems to track athletes’ progress during their time at CSU. An important aspect of Erin’s role is her oversight of the Learning Assistance Program which aids those student-athletes at serious academic risk. In 2012, Student Athlete Support Services moved out of Athletics and into the Department of Student Affairs. Erin worked to make the move a seamless transition. The new duties did not impact Erin’s accessibility to her students and she is always available to ask “How can I help?” Her colleagues report that there is not one that makes a greater impact upon student-athletes than Erin and she makes CSU a better place with her dedication, professionalism and positive demeanor.
Khristy Preston
CM Cares & Recruiting Coordinator
Construction Management
In addition to her regular duties as Graduate Recruiting Coordinator, Khristy Preston is the departmental Construction Management Cares Coordinator. It is through her passion, leadership and commitment to make a difference in the lives of students and the community that Construction Management, the College of Health & Human Sciences, and CSU are being recognized by the City of Fort Collins Commission on Disability by receiving the 2013 Mayor’s Award for Service Provider of the Year. The CM Cares initiative has completed 10 projects and will be completing three more projects this spring. An example of one of their projects is the “James and Libby Project” which involved installing wheelchair access to a new deck, a wheelchair swing and an accessible sandbox to 11 year old twins with cerebral palsy. Throughout the projects, Khristy provided information and support to the family, was a liaison with sponsoring construction companies, and mentored the student project leaders and volunteers. Khristy’s colleagues state that she consistently provides a positive attitude and a willingness to go beyond what is required. They describe Khristy as a passionate and dedicated mentor and friend.
Rob Schorr
Conservation Biologist/Zoologist
Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Rob Schorr has worked at the Colorado Natural Heritage Program in the Warner College of Natural Resources as a Zoologist since 1995. Rob has an acute gift for recognizing and seizing opportunities and he did just that when he presented his idea for a new Colorado brewed craft beer to Odell Brewing which eventually came to market as “Celastrina Saison”. This name is based on the rare Hops Blue Butterfly, which was the source of the inspiration which led to a highly successful and novel partnership between the CNHP and Odells. In addition to the successful partnership, Odell’s pledged to provide $1.00 for each bottle of Celastrina sold to a fund that would go to CNHP to study the butterfly. Odell’s was so pleased with the sale of Celastrina and the outreach effort that they presented Rob with a check for $12,000 to support research and conservation of the Hop’s Blue. Rob is growing this donation by turning this donation into an endowment at CSU that will be used to fund student research on the Hops Blue and has already lined up two honors students to begin doing research this summer, with plans to bring additional students onboard. Rob is a truly exemplary member of our CSU community.
Elizabeth Ann Terry
Director of the Liberal Arts Academic Support Center
College of Liberal Arts
Elizabeth Terry became the Interim Director of the College of Liberal Arts Academic Support Center in June, 2012. With the role came a staff that grew from 7 to 15, space issues to accommodate the growth, and the introduction of new Academic Support Coordinators into departments where there were none before. There were and continue to be many challenges for the College of Liberal Arts Academic Support Center and Elizabeth has met them all with initiative and diplomacy. To meet the challenges, Elizabeth walked the fine line of listening to faculty needs and concerns while supporting her staff and enforcing the mission of the Academic Support Coordinators. She always understood and respected the limited resources, but never stopped supporting her staff and finding ways to make less than ideal situations the best they could be. She is an effective, supportive, kind and fun leader. She is a listener and a doer, a First Year Mentor and advises students even though her director responsibilities require more than a full time position. Elizabeth Terry is a star and makes the College of Liberal Arts and Administrative Professionals across campus proud every day.