Amit Munshi

PV Manufacturing Lab, Mechanical Engineering

Amit brings enthusiasm to the lab and continually takes the initiative for team-building opportunities with other departments. Due to limited funding, Amit has exceeded at working with several companies around the world to secure materials and specialty supplies at no cost and is working with a local company to obtain donated equipment for their labs. He is an empathic mentor that has stood out to colleagues and students that work with him.


Amy Quinn-Sparks

Academic Advisor, Continuing Education

Amy demonstrated an exemplary willingness to go above and beyond in her position when her department recently experienced significant staff attrition this year. As an emergent leader, she rose to the task of taking on multiple responsibilities outside of her position to ensure the needs of students were still met. Amy strives to advocate for healthy work-life integration and is serving as a representative on the AP Council to ensure this is a focal point of their goals. Amy is not only appreciated by her co-workers but students she interacts with are constantly praising her work.


Brandon Bailey

Business Manager, Athletics

Brandon is recognized for being an efficient, hard-working, supportive leader who succeeds in bringing ease to stressful situations. He provides exemplary customer service to a wide variety of CSU employees, students, and outside organizations, building positive relationships with every interaction. Brandon continually offers assistance to anyone in need while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


John Hildebrand

International Student & Scholar Advisor, International programs

John conveys dedication and enthusiasm to his colleagues and students every day. He is an active member of many university committees, groups, events and frequently represents CSU at professional conferences. John exemplifies the Principles of Community as he consistently works with international students to help them navigate the struggles with social, cultural, and US campus adjustments.



Lisa Cline

Counseling Services, CSU Health Network

Lisa is an incredible asset to the university and works closely with a diverse group of students who face high levels of oppression. She works hard to create a spirit of longevity with the team and ensures everyone strives for a healthy work-life balance with their high demanding job. Lisa models a balanced humility that demonstrates holding back to allow others a voice in discussions yet speaking up when is necessary.


Nick Stratton

Lab Manager, Engineering Technology Services

Nick represents his department with the highest level of professionalism, great communication skills, and technical savviness. He successfully manages numerous labs and classrooms on main and foothills campus. Nick is always one of the first to volunteer for assisting with events, projects and assuming responsibilities outside of his job description. He organizes recognition events for his graduating students and staff members and brings a sense of camaraderie to the workplace.


Congratulations to the following 2020 AP Star nominees:

  • Amanda Evett
  • Ben Bongers
  • Bethany Peterson
  • Bruce Shields
  • Cassie Shearholdt
  • Christine Johnson
  • Cliff Choury
  • David Seley
  • Denise Sheahan
  • Erin Mercurio
  • Hiba Abdeljalil
  • Jen Dawrs
  • Jeremy Siemers
  • Jess Dyrdahl
  • Jimmy Hicks
  • Kate Bruner
  • Katie Risheill
  • Kim Daggett
  • Krystal Ryczek
  • Lisa Gilbert
  • Lucas Nakamura
  • Matt Kedziora
  • Melissa Carlson
  • Rachel Kiemele
  • Reena Khosla
  • Robyn Jeep Ernst
  • Sally Alexander
  • Sarah Blessinger
  • Shelby Sack
  • Stephanie Moreira
  • Sydney Spiller
  • Tami Boday