Award Winners

2007 Winners

  • James T. Frimel, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
  • Brian Jones, Department of Physics
  • Dr. M. Lynne Kesel, Laboratory Animal Resources
  • Catherine L. Schelly, Department of Occupational Therapy

2006 Winners

  • Blanche Hughes, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Tom Mazzarisi, College of Applied Human Sciences)
  • John Stromberger, Soil and Crop Sciences; and Debbie Weitzel, Communications and Creative Services

2005 Winners

  • Kathi Delehoy, Office of the Vice President for Research
  • Kathlene “Kathy” Waller, Hartshorn Health Services
  • Charles Davidshofer, University Counseling Center
  • James Lyall, College of Applied Human Sciences

2004 Winners

  • No awards in 2004— changed awards from spring to fall

2003 Winners

  • Christine Bern, Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands
  • Cindy Carrick, Atmospheric Science
  • Paul DeMott, Atmospheric Science
  • Russell “Rusty” Scott, College of Natural Resources

2002 Winners

  • Karen Wilken, CSU Extension and Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Jane Higgins, MD, Hartshorn Health Service
  • James Barry Ogg, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
  • Anne Hudgens, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

2001 Winners

  • Gary Goss, Business and Financial Services
  • Linda McNamara, Computer Training and Support Services
  • Betsy Zakely, Office of Sponsored Programs