Award Winners

Bob Sturtevant
Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship
Bob Sturtevant is the Forestry Extension Specialist in the Forestry Program in the Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship. With over 30 years of dedicated and distinguished service to CSU, he has created an impressive track record of educating professionals, communities and students on forestry and national resources issues. From his contribution to the delivery of high quality extension and training opportunities to a broad community of forest practitioners and environmental advocates, to creating the Volunteer Forest Steward Program for the Colorado State Forest Service, to being an active member of the Fort Collins International Center, Bob is reaching and educating an extensive community, locally, regionally and globally. Bob’s dedication to students is evident as he integrates his experiential learning into outdoor classrooms. He has been instrumental in developing and implementing innovative instructional programs for forestry students and provides superior services to students involving them in numerous activities and events in forestry, advising numerous student organizations, and coordinating an environmental science summer camp experience for high school and younger students. His commitment to student learning and success extends beyond the classroom as he devotes almost every weekend to students for applied learning opportunities. Bob is a true steward of CSU!
Thomas Dieringer
CSU Health Network
Thomas Dieringer, MD is a primary care physician at the CSU Health Network (formerly known as Hartshorn Health Service). With 28 years of service at Colorado State, Dr. Dieringer provides superior medical care to students, offers his vast knowledge and ongoing dedication to the study of medicine, provides a willingness to share information and assists other staff with difficult cases, and models a superlative work ethic. Dr. Dieringer is admired by his colleagues for his patience in dealing with students who have multiple and complex medical problems. He coordinates and utilizes other skilled providers as resources in an interdisciplinary fashion, with very positive outcomes for the patients. He takes great lengths in helping students (who sometimes cannot afford to seek further opinions by specialists outside the clinic) by recommending workup and treatment plans that are thorough, carefully considered, and cost-effective. Because of the care Dr. Dieringer imparts, many patients continue to keep in touch with him. Dr. Dieringer is often consulted for advice and assistance with the diagnostic workup or treatment plan. He serves as a valuable resource for nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physical therapists, counselors, and other physicians for his depth and breadth of knowledge. Dr. Dieringer is a student of medicine, constantly reading, researching and maintaining the latest medical and scientific information to share with the staff. He is an outstanding leader, teacher, mentor and colleague. He has significantly contributed to the well being and academic success of many thousands of students whom he has faithfully serviced, day in and day out.
Gretchen Gerding
College of Applied Human Sciences
Gretchen Gerding is the Assistant to the Dean for Communications and Programs for the College of Applied Human Sciences. Gretchen’s responsibilities in the office of the Dean are varied in scope and significant to the welfare of students, graduates, and faculty of the college. Her quality of work is evidenced in her consistency, initiative, insight, problem-solving skills, reputation, professional knowledge, written and oral communication skills, and public relations skills. She has an outgoing, pleasant demeanor which makes her approachable by administrators, faculty, peers, and students alike. Gretchen is one of those ‘go to’ people that all good organizations need who can be counted on to produce a quality product, consistently with very little supervision. Her honesty, impeccable character and positive outlook constitute her to be sought out continually for involvement in numerous college and campus projects. She is sharp, professional, involved, and well-respected by all in the College. Gretchen is the type of person who thinks ahead, plans accordingly, and helps others succeed due to her organization and planning. She is a problem solver and does so in a respectful, thoughtful, and timely manner. She is dedicated to the mission of the College and diligent in working hard on improving College programs and how they are represented and advocated across the University. Gretchen works tirelessly for the benefit of the students, faculty, staff, departments, college, and university all the while deflecting attention away from her and focusing on others. Gretchen is an unsung hero of the College and University. She is selfless in her effort to highlight and support faculty, staff and student’s accomplishments and is a visible and influential ambassador to all we stand for!
Dr. William W. Doe III
Warner College of Natural Resources
Dr. William W. Doe III, is the Associate Dean for Research and Engagement in the Warner College of Natural Resources. As Associate Dean, Dr. Doe coordinates and implements a wide range of interdisciplinary research, scholarship and engagement activities. He is an active scholar, with numerous publications (journals and book chapters) in the disciplines of military lands management and warfare ecology. As a career military veteran, with 22 years of active duty in the US Army, Dr. Doe has been the senior voice and face for the military students, student-veterans and their families both on the CSU campus and in the local community. He serves on five University-wide committees related to military students and student veterans including: ROTC Advisory Committee; co-faculty advisor- Student Veterans of America – CSU chapter; CSU Student Veterans Advisory Council; The Institute of Learning and Teaching (TILT) Student-Veterans Task Force, and the CSU Veterans Green Jobs (VGJ) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Coordinator. VGJ creates effective alternative pathways for returning veterans to both assist in the transition into successful civilian lives and become leaders in the critically important green job industries. He has helped put CSU on the map as a veteran friendly institution offering ground breaking programs in the green sector for veterans. Dr. Doe wrote, coordinated and celebrated the signing of the CSU-VGJ MOU and is the first agreement signed between VGJ and a four-year university in the nation. Upon completing ten years of employment as Associate Director and Interim Director with the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML) at CSU, Dr. Doe initiated and developed a new online graduate curriculum in Sustainable Military Lands Management (SMLM) that is the first and only one of its kind in the nation. The SMLM curriculum is being used as a model of course development both within the Division of Continuing Education and TILT and the Warner College to stimulate further online education. The programs and services we offer for student veterans and military, and the student veteran population here at CSU would not be the same without the support and assistance Dr. Doe has provided and continues to provide.