Brittany Pearce

Associate Director of Transfer Admissions, Office of Admissions

Brittany oversees transfer student recruitment and initiative within the office of admissions and effectively collaborates with CSU and community college partners to ensure successful enrollment and retention of transfer students. She is an outstanding leader and exemplifies the characteristics of a distinguished administrative. In her time at CSU, she has increased operational efficiency, demonstrates leadership and resiliency in her efforts to create access for students and staff members. Brittany has been the forefront for several newly implemented recruitment efforts that utilize technology to better target and manage staff territories. These implementations have allowed students to receive an individualized success plan, support a smooth transition experience, and created a detailed strategic recruitment strategy. Her creativity, problem-solving skills, and willingness to go above and beyond has helped many students and colleagues.

CJ Mucklow

Western Region Director, Extension

CJ is highly respected within the Extension for his ability and willingness to teach others about agriculture and his collaborations with a multitude of partners on and off-campus, and around the nation shows his dedication to the program and Land Grant Institution mission. His career with CSU spans over 30 years and was a member of the Colorado Agriculture Leadership Program that develops the vision, commitment to lead change and ensure the sustainability of agricultural and rural economies. CJ has demonstrated the ability to maintain a continual flow of resources for sustainable Extension programs while using innovative teaching methods. He aided in the development of Colorado 4-H STEM kits for educators, and pooled resources with New Mexico State University to provide professional development training related to climate-related disasters. CJ’s compassion and commitment to students, peers, and colleagues have helped them succeed in their careers.


Debbie Bartlett

Assistant Director for Advising and Mentoring, Computer Science

Debbie is an advisor to undergraduates, organizes curriculum changes, manages grant and scholarship processes and leads in the efforts to improve gender diversity within the program. She has been at the center for success for the departments Building, Recruiting, And Inclusion for Diversity (BRAID) initiative, that allows changes in the curriculum, major requirements, admissions practices, and to build the confidence among underrepresented students. Debbie aided in securing a substantial funding award for their diversity efforts by providing an extensive amount of statistical data, CSU is one of five schools nationally to receive this award. She models the Principles of Community in her exceptional work and is seen as a mentor to both students and colleagues. Debbie brings a unique leadership style, as she leads by providing information, engaging conversation, and provides support to each team member’s ideas. She is effective at bringing out each person’s talents while ensuring the team is grounded in shared and accurate data. Debbie is an extraordinary mentor who is treasured by all her students and colleagues.

Shannon Wagner

Manager of Student Success Initiatives, Office of Academic and Student Affairs

Shannon oversees advising, retention, summer orientation, residential learning community, and the engineering key community for the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering. She an appreciated colleague for her dedicated mentorship, operational efficiency, and demonstrator of the Principles of Community. Shannon provides structure to the office and ensures they maintain focus on team building and strategizing. She has built strong relationships across campus and many have praised their appreciation of her collaborative leadership style and positive approach to implementing change in the service of student success. Shannon has a passion for student success and keeps their well-being at the center of her work. She goes above and beyond by working with students who aren’t enrolled within her college yet to help them navigate the difficult barriers they face when enrolling in engineering. While she has a very difficult job, that entails different components, she never loses sight of the overreaching mission of student success while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Steve Burn

Director, Central Receiving, Mail Services and Surplus Property

Steve provides an outstanding leadership style, demonstrates his commitment to supporting diversity and inclusiveness within his department, and operational efficiencies. He leads a dedicated, hard-working staff who go above and beyond their efforts to bring innovative solutions and support to the campus. Steve is constantly making adjustments to find the most effective and economical way to provide services to the whole university community. He helped many other departments save money by introducing on-campus shredding services to be utilized instead of outside entities. Additionally, he implemented event rental services that allow campus departments to rent tables, chairs, tents and completes the set-up and takedown. Steve has created innovative programs outside of his department, he was the lead in creating The Spoke bicycle repair shop, where students and staff can get their bikes tuned quickly and learn how to do it themselves. Steve demonstrates compassion for the well-being of everyone who is a part of the CSU campus community and visitors.