Award Winners

Mike Hiatt
“Michael Hiatt has been a significant part of the well documented success of the CloudSat Data Processing Center (DPC). His infrastructure design innovations have provided us with a system that has far exceeded the original design specifications and is instrumental in the DPC’s selection for the prestigious NASA Civic Achievement Award.” – Donald L. Reinke

Betty Eckert
“Betty has stepped forward to fulfill a variety of leadership functions. As associate and interim director of Sponsored programs, she’s led the unit through periods of extraordinary growth in volume with concomitant growth in staff. Her cross-function capabilities set a high standard and are rather unique to the profession these days. Faculty, staff, external sponsors, and colleagues alike recognize the breadth and depth of Betty’s expertise and frequently seek her out for her valued perspective.” – Kathi Delehoy

J. Steve Matthews
“Dr. Matthews approaches his professional service with warmth, humor and humility. His attention to detail, careful preparation, and gentle touch make him the consummate colleague. As Chair of the IRB, I value his contributions to our committee more than I can express. As an independent researchers on campus, I can state unequivocally that he has been on a number of occasions the difference between our research programs moving forward or staying put.” – Matt Hickey

Linda Wardlow
“Inherent in Linda’s role as Director of Financial and Strategic Planning, are attempts at the VP level and at the director’s level to promote cost savings innovations. She has assisted the departments in training personnel to adhere to the rules and to improving their approach and knowledge of requirements in the fiscal and personnel arena.” – Tom Gorell