Award Winners

Timothy Gonzales
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Timothy Gonzales is a Research Associate III in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. His duties focus on support of department operations, specifically in the areas of facilities manager, building proctor, equipment manager, HazMat coordinator, and Facilities liaison. He has been called upon to facilitate many different jobs from the go-to person on infrastructure issues, procurement. He has made significant and lasting contributions that positively impact the educational experiences of students at CSU including unit operations laboratories, freshman lab projects and mentoring the students of the ChemE Car.

Blane Harding
College of Liberal Arts
Blane Harding is director of Academic Advising, Recruitment and Retention for the College of Liberal Arts. Blane is known for his exceptional leadership and mentoring abilities, sharing his knowledge and expertise with audiences regarding Multiculturalism and Diverse Advising and has a connection with students that makes students seek him out for advice and guidance.

Glen E. Liston
Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
Glen Liston is a senior research scientist at the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA). He leads a research program focusing on climate modeling, development and implantation of methodologies, works with graduate students and post docs and writes research proposals and papers. He is an incredible mentor to developing scientists, attained sizeable resources for the University from funding agencies and uses novel models and techniques he has developed to make substantial and widely recognized impacts in his field.

Katya Stewart-Sweeney
College of Business
Katya Stewart-Sweeney provides academic advising to undergraduate students in the College of Business. Katya is also the advisor for a student organization in the College of Business – Business Diversity and Leadership Alliance. Katya makes positive impacts on students she advises or are in the program, mentors not only the students but the people she works with. She performs her work like her life: with love, compassion, a hefty listening ear and leadership.