Award Winners

Image of Fred Haberecht

Fred Haberecht

University Planner & Assistant Director

Facilities Management

Fred Haberecht is currently serving in the role of University Planner and Assistant Director in Facilities Management. A central theme to all of his accomplishments and interactions involve inclusion and respect for all people and stakeholders, making everyone feel valued and appreciated. Fred focuses on making CSU a memorable place while representing the University’s responsibility to the campus and larger community in matters such as fiscal management, ADA inclusivity, transportation and sustainability. Fred represents CSU as its primary spokesperson for the master plan and major projects by leading up to 150 public meetings a year and has been a part of more than $700 million in capital construction projects that have transformed CSU. Fred has built extremely important bridges to the community and City Officials throughout his work, ensuring that all parties impacted are valued and heard, which is evident in him receiving the 2017 Ram Pride Service Award. He also mentors and supports students across campus.

Image of Cecily Broomfield

Cecily Broomfield

Laboratory Histologist & Lab Manager

Orthopaedic Bioengineering Research

Cecily has created histology programs to mentor undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students, impacting lives and changing the future while creating an inclusive environment. She is a long-time wrestling coach for Boltz Middle School, impacting young lives outside of her CSU role. Cecily is an internationally renowned expert in Histology and is a member of the National Society of Histology, Digital Pathology Society, Society of Histomorphometry. She is responsible for over $5 Million per year in industry and grant projects. Her priceless contributions to the OBRL family is evident as she is described as the cornerstone of their culture and an exemplary Ram for over 20 years!

Image of Gary Ozzello

Gary Ozzello

Director of Community Outreach & Engagement

External Relations

As the Director of Community Outreach and Engagement, Gary has been a part of CSU for the past 45 years impacting countless lives and promoting this great University. Gary’s impact on students is immeasurable through the programs he’s created and the internship opportunities and mentoring that he’s provided while promoting inclusivity and access for all. Gary’s commitment to this University and genuine care for students were confirmed with the endowed scholarship in his honor for Sports Information students, his 2013 Gold Award honor by the Council for the Advancement, and Support of Education and his Distinguished Alumni Award in 2000. Gary has aided in the creation of innovative programs for students such as the Denver Broncos Institute of Sport Management, Football 101 for international students, and the “Rookie Camp” for high school students.  He has also volunteered on numerous community committees and spearheaded the creation of events like the FORTitude 10k race and programs like the Rambassadors for CSU football games.

Image of Bruce Smith

Dr. Bruce Smith

Director of Medical Specialty Services

CSU Health Network

As the Director of Medical Specialty Services for CSU Health Network Dr. Smith’s genuine care for patients and CSU students shines through easily. The amount of lives that Bruce has positively influenced is incredible given the many high impact projects listed throughout his nomination. His innovation and leadership were exemplary as he targets valuable relationships that increase efficiency for CSU. He played a strong role in moving the CSU Health Network from being completely student fee funded to billing health insurance for students. He oversaw the merger of the Radiology department with that of the UC Health Urgent Care which improved efficiency and service to students. Bruce has also partnered with the CSU Vice President for Research to create a rotation for Special Forces Army Medics from Fort Carson who need medical proficiency training on an ongoing basis, and personally teaches and mentors the medics as they rotate on-campus.

Image of D. Tobiassen Baitinger

D. Tobiassen Baitinger

D serves as the Senior Associate Registrar. Every project and problem that D touches directly affects and benefits students, and her genuine care for them is evident in the results she has produced. D’s alignment of personal values and CSU’s Principles of Community is inspiring as she has arranged staff-wide Dream Zone trainings, created an office book club, and seeks opportunities to learn about and support those who are disadvantaged in higher education. D led the charge for the U.Achieve Transcript Importer System that will drastically improve efficiency and accuracy in processing transfer work that will allow reallocation of staff to focus on additional student outreach and retention. D was the first shipboard Registrar for the Semester at Seas collaboration and created the manual for and mentored future shipboard Registrars.