Award Winners

Aaron Reeves
Department of Clinical Sciences
As a Research Associate III at CSU, Aaron Reeves is a modeler of infectious disease outbreaks in the livestock industry and a member of the North American Animal Disease Spread Model (NAADSM) development team. Since 2004, Aaron has been one of the two principal programmers of the NAADSM software, a key member of the development team, and the sole developer of the NAADSM website. Through his leadership, NAADSM has been made open source – publicly available free of charge. As a result, NAADSM is believed to be the most widely used animal disease simulation software both within the U.S. and internationally. In support of his work on NAADSM and in his other scientific endeavors, Aaron has served as author and co-investigator on a large number of grant proposals, contracts, and cooperative agreements that have resulted in bringing more than one million dollars in research funding to CSU. In addition, he serves as the lead instructor on the annual or bi-annual 36-hour NAADSM training course. To date, 231 individuals from 22 countries have completed the course under Aaron’s tutelage.

Aaron’s nominators commented: “Aaron is extremely dedicated to conducting meaningful research. His thoroughness and commitment to excellence is evident in the high degree of quality of his publications and technical reports, in his representation of Colorado State University, and in his teaching.

Scott Reid
Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
Scott Reid currently serves as a Research Associate III in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, managing the research laboratory for Dr. Patrick Byrne. Scott’s dedication and creativity have resulted in numerous cost-saving innovations for the lab. For example, Scott has implemented innovations in lab procedures resulting in a large reduction in the use of chemicals and consumables, saving university resources and contributing to the University’s green mission. Scott also saves money in a less typical way – he makes lab equipment at home! Past additions to the lab have included a gel casting platform, gradient maker, and gel rinser. Scott understands the inner workings of all machines, from legacy equipment to cutting-edge models. His trouble-shooting skills keep dozens of laboratory machines operating, and generate extra years of life from department investments in technology.

Of special note are Scott’s efforts to educate graduate students in conceptualizing, planning, conducting and documenting their research projects. His combination of high standards and humor keep students engaged through the sometimes long and frustrating hours of research. Scott is patient in his explanations and suggestions, but has high expectations that students implement their research carefully and thoroughly. Stated one of the graduate students currently working with Scott, “Scott is an excellent source for discussion and critique of any issue we may be facing. His work ethic goes above and beyond the ordinary with no expectations for recognition. He is, in fact, a great educator and doesn’t even know it.”

Scott’s nominators commented:
Scott is an invaluable university employee, conserving monetary resources while providing excellent service to students – who are, ultimately, the fundamental reason for the existence of state university.

Troy Fluharty
Department of Business and Financial Services
Troy Fluharty serves as the Director of Business and Financial Services at CSU. Most notable among his many accomplishments, Troy was instrumental in the successful implementation of the Kuali Financial System (KFS) at CSU. CSU was the first institution in the nation to go live on KFS. Under Troy’s leadership, KFS was implemented at CSU for less than $1.2 million – a record figure and one unmatched by other KFS user institutions. As a result of his high level of expertise, Troy is regularly sought out by colleagues across the country to advise on KFS implementations. He is perhaps the greatest expert nationally on the functionality, capabilities, and nuances of KFS.

Troy has also taken the lead in role in investigating and implementing other technology-related solutions that have created efficiencies across the campus. One such example is the web-based Leave Reporting System developed for use within BFS. Interest on campus in this system has grown so large, that Information Systems is now exploring the opportunity of rolling this out university wide. Similarly, Troy was instrumental in developing and deploying the University e-Billing system. This system was built in-house, at little or no cost to CSU, providing the requested functionality while simultaneously producing significant improvements to the format and legibility of the student bill.

Troy’s nominators commented: “Troy is one of CSU’s true gems. It is really quite a pleasure to toss a problem Troy’s direction and watch the solutions emerge as the wheels of a true inventor turn.

Dede Kliewer
Department of Resources for Disabled Students
Dede Kliewer has served CSU for 18 years as a Coordinator in Resources for Disabled Students. Nominated for her team leadership and mentoring capabilities, her superior efficiency and productivity in daily work activities, and the provision of superior services to students, Dede exemplifies leadership at all levels. Dede wears many hats at Resources for Disabled Students. She is the coordinator of Interpreting Services, a supervisor for student staff, an instructor of American Sign Language, and an APC representative. In addition, she has taken her commitment and leadership to the state level as chair of the Colorado and Wyoming Interpreter Coordinators (CWIC) committee. In this role, she has been instrumental in the development of common guidelines for the provision of interpreter services.

As evidence of Dede’s exceptional skills, she was assigned to support Alternative Testing Services. The Alt Test has grown in just a few years from 250 to 475 users, from 1200 to 2100 exams per semester, and from 400 – 800 exams in 4.5 days during finals week. To manage this growth, Dede established a system that, among other things, designated specific people to specific jobs, scheduled student users to rooms across campus, and, subsequently, scheduled and trained volunteer monitors at outlying testing sites. As a result, the office successfully adjusted to increased demand with minimal overall stress, and created order out of a system that was headed for chaos.

Dede’s nominators commented:
Dede is the hardest working, most humble and positive person I know. She tends to downplay her influence on the office and the people around her, but those of us who know her know what a great impact she really has.